RE: Christiana Care Health Services – ICU-2A Renovations

"This project was tough and challenging. However, due to the efforts of the whole project team, and especially you and your entire firm, it turned out to be a very successful project. We are very proud of this project and you should be as well."

Thomas W. Nason, II
CEO & Chairman
Nason Construction


RE: Christiana Care Health Services – Emergency Department North Overbuild

"I wanted to personally thank you for the effort that your company made for the successful transition from the existing HVAC equipment to the new equipment. It was a long and painful road to get all the detailing complete and develop our strategy to make it a seamless transition. The hospital was extremely concerned due to the critical nature of this task and the potential impact to the entire Emergency Department. The fact that the transition went without any operational problems was due to the amount of effort put into the planning stage, pre-wiring, programming and final field work during the shutdown."

Darryl Cooper, P.E.
Senior Project Manager
Nason Construction


RE: Valero Energy Corporation

"Furness has consistently impressed me with their constant attention to detail, excellent workmanship, can-do and cooperative attitude, and the level of expertise of both their management team and electricians.

They are an industrious group of individuals that collectively display an attitude of "Get the work done, and get it done right."  Lastly, but of no small importance is the genuinely enthusiastic attitude and passion that both the Furness management and workers show for safety."

Lance T. Walls
Valero Energy Corporation


RE: Valery Energy Corporation

"They have always performed safely and efficiently in every, and any task they have been involved with. Their craftsmen are competent, dedicated and reliable in all aspects of their work. They have always quickly responded to our emergency calls 24/7 and have by far out performed any contractor I have had, especially on motorized valves in the tank farm."

A H Biggs
Maint. Team Leader
Oil Movements, WWTP
Valero Energy Corporation


RE:  Valero Energy Corporation

"I would highly recommend them as an electrical contractor. They have performed extremely well for me at the Delaware City Refinery. They have shown that they can manage their work safely, and as such have an excellent safety record on site."

Joseph R. Udinskey Jr.
IE&C Engineering Manager
Valero Refining


RE: The Whiting – Turner Contracting Company

"Each year we have our Project managers report on the vendors and subcontractors they judge to be exemplary in their quality work. Accordingly, it is our pleasure to advice that you have been selected for this recognition: Peter D. Furness Electric Inc., Building Excellence Recognition, 2002"

Charles A. Irish
Senior Executive Vice President
Whiting-Turner Contracting Company


RE: CCHS – Patient Support Complex

"Without question Peter D. Furness Electric Co., Inc. was instrumental in the successful construction of the Patient Support Complex."

Lyle V. Frederick
Senior Vice President
Barclay White Skanska

Christopher I. Gilbert
Project Manager
Barclay White Skanska

Carl V. Marenco
Vice President and Regional Manager
Barclay White Skanska


RE: Delaware City Refinery

"On many occasions both the on-site staff and home office management team have responded to issues in the refinery with dedication to this facility rarely witness in a contractor. Additionally, they have played an extremely active role in all safety programs which is evident in their excellent on-site safety record."

Anthony R. Capaldi
Delaware City Refinery

  International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers   National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee   Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association   Peter D. Furness Electric Company Inc. BBB Business Review